Friday, June 12, 2009

Nice thorough review of the Kindle DX

CNET has a nice review of the recently-released Kindle DX.

The two things that I covet from this version are the ability to switch to landscape viewing mode and the increased font size (you can jack it up higher than on previous Kindles.) And of course the bigger display is nice, but that is offset by the fact that I can't carry the thing around in my purse and the fact that it's heavier than previous Kindles... and the price, of course.

I'll stick to my Kindle 1 for now -- it's working great for me, I love it -- but will continue to watch and see what Amazon does!


eha1990 said...

How is viewing PDF documents on the Kindle? I'm really considering buying a Kindle and wish I could see one in person before I made my decision. I'd like to be able to read a lot of textbook PDF documents that I have on a Kindle. I know the Kindle DX has just come out, but it is very expensive and I'm considering the Kindle 2 as an alternative.

Mary Martin said...

I have a Kindle 1, but I don't think viewing PDFs is much different on the Kindle 2 than the 1. I wasn't that impressed with the PDF viewing capabilities -- the spacing was pretty weird. I also don't like the Kindle for reading magazines - it's too clunky. And I can't really read work-related stuff on it because I need to be able to stick post-its in books and underline parts. But-- man, is it wonderful for pleasure reading. And the feature where you can download a sample before you buy the book is downright terrific.

Thea said...

I just ordered my Kindle2. I'll bring it by the library when I come to visit Mom in NJ in July, and we can compare the two.
See you soon,

Mary Martin said...

Oooh, Thea, I can't wait to see it!

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