Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Broker by John Grisham

I always enjoy a good John Grisham novel, but this one was even better than I'd hoped. Instead of being set in a courtroom, it's mainly set in Italy, where a guy who'd been sent to prison and then pardoned by the President is sent to live. What's really going on is the CIA wants to let him loose and then see who will come to kill him -- they hope that will give them some information they need -- but he proves wilier than they expect and, of course, lives.

What I enjoyed about the book was not the thriller stuff, but the information about how the main character was learning a new language, how the Italian culture is different from the American culture, and that sort of thing. I love reading books where you pick up random bits of knowledge almost without realizing it. I read this book on an airplane and didn't even notice the time "flying" by.

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