Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rebel Without A Minivan: Observations on life in the 'burbs by Tracy Beckerman

I picked up this book at one of my local independent bookstores (Sage's Pages in Madison, 973-377-7777, in the Madison Plaza on Main Street. If you live around here, be sure to go - it's a lovely place. But also be prepared to spend money. You can feel good about keeping them in business while simultaneously indulging your wanton desire to buy lots and lots of books and, in my case, stationery. But I digress.)
Anyway, I really enjoyed this book, which is a collection of humorous essays taken from a column that Beckerman writes for the local paper. She's quite a good writer, and funny too. I'm going to donate this copy that I bought to my library (thus feeling DOUBLY virtuous) and then demand that all my library patrons read it.


Tracy said...

Hi Mary,
I happened upon your blog and was thrilled to see that you had read my book (and liked it!).
Thanks for buying it and double thanks for donating it to your library.
By the way, if you liked the book and the column, you can also check out my blog where I post some random musings a bit more frequently than my weekly column. It's at www.lostinsuburbia.blog.blogspot.com.
I will check back to your blob frequently to see what else you recommend. I'm always looking for a great book to read!
Tracy Beckerman

Tracy said...

Oops. I meant BLOG, not BLOB. I'm a good writer, but a lousy typist!!

Anonymous said...

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